Ghosts of The Battlefield at Lotz House

Franklin on Foot
What to expect
  • Visit one of the most haunted destinations in the nation with a tour of Franklin's Lotz House
  • Hear tales of the former residents of the Lotz House, and the bloody 1864 Battle of Franklin
  • Learn about the ghostly sightings and activity plague the Lotz House
  • Challenge your disbelief and spark your imagination
How much are you going to shake in an uncontrollable fit of terror during this tour? Lotz.

That's because you'll be visiting one of the most terrifying haunted abodes in the nation (so dubbed by the Travel Channel). Six blocks away from Franklin's historic downtown village, the Lotz House was stuck in the epicenter of the bloody 1864 Battle of Franklin, a devastating loss for the Confederate Army that decimated its leadership ranks.

Once the home of two families, the Carters and the Lotzes, today the restored Lotz house buzzes with unexplained activity: ghostly cries, moving items, and a creepy girl that likes to stare out the window.

Your guide will enrapture you with stories of the battle, the former residents of the Lotz House, and ghostly sightings that continue today. You'll even learn about the young Lotz twins, Julius and Julia, who tragically perished while playing beside a nearby stream deliberately poisoned by the Union Army.

Yikes, ghost twins. They're the worst.
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Duration / Session 90 min
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