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    This boxing class is just for kicks! You'll work under the guidance of a professional kickboxing instructor, learning a sport that is both fiercely competitive and a fierce workout. You'll begin the class with a warmup of calisthenics - such as jumping jacks, lunges, and pushups - to get your blood flowing. After that, you'll enjoy a calorie-shredding workout of front, side, and roundhouse kicks that will build your core strength, enhance your flexibility and motor control, and get your heart thumping. After you’ve worked on your kicking combos in solo practice, you'll toss on some pads for a little mat work against a sparring partner, working on your timing and fighting tactics. After you’re finished, you'll really be able to dish out some Jean-Claude Van Damage!

    900 Terry Pkwy, Terrytown

    • Develop your kickboxing skills through solo drills and sparring
    • Discover a new sport that is will bring out your competitive side
    • Burn calories away thanks to a high tempo workout routine
    • Gain the confidence and self-discipline that come from kickboxing
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