Mixed Martial Arts

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    Mixed Martial Arts

    Do you enjoy thrusts and grunts, rolling around the ground, and holding others in your embrace? Do you also enjoy combat sports? Then MMA might just be for you! Mixed Martial Arts has been one the of most quickly rising sports of the past decade. As its name suggests, it features a variety of martial arts styles, with most techniques falling under the categories of striking and grappling. During this MMA class, you'll learn an effective fusion of both, using strikes to pummel your opponent from a distance, and grappling to gain the advantage in close and on the ground. Along the way, you'll not only be gaining access to an exciting new sport, but developing heaps of self-confidence, strengthening your body, and sharpening your mind. Mmmmm, MMA!
    Mixed Martial Arts

    900 Terry Pkwy, Terrytown

    • Discover one of the most popular combat sports around today
    • Learn a martial arts practice that fuses effective techniques from multiple disciplines
    • Build core strength, endurance, and body control
    • Develop the confidence to square off against an opponent in the arena
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