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    City Lights Paddle

    This nighttime adventure is so riveting you're basically guaranteed to wet yourself. Hop into a kayaking and explore the Chicago River during a guided tour in which you over six miles of water. As you row, you'll be mesmerized by the lights of Chicago at night rising high on either side of you and reflecting off of the water all around you. Your guide will point out some of the historical sights along the way, but this ride is more about letting the thrill of an evening excursion take over your imagination and fuel your sense of awe. Whether you've got some experience paddling or a you're a complete novice, you'll appreciate this intimate perspective of the urban landscape. Quench your thirst for fun with journey through the heart of Chicago.
    City Lights Paddle

    1220 W LeMoyne Ave, Chicago

    • Kayak across the city on the Chicago River during this energizing nighttime adventure tour
    • Learn about history and architecture Chicago as you paddle by several famous sites
    • Let a certified instructor show you the ropes during a safe row
    • Feel adrenaline of adventure consume your senses and fuel your sense of wonder
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    Haunted Chicago Segway Tour

    Steeped in violence, mafia-related crimes, and deadly fires that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, Chicago's a city filled with haunts. On this tour, you'll glide around the streets of Chicago on a Segway, stopping at places like the Michigan Avenue hotel, allegedly the most haunted hotel in the city, and Death Alley, where victims of the terrible Iroquois Theater fire were found. At these eerie locales, hear stories about the creepy things that've happened like unexplainable deaths and self-playing pianos. Pass the site of the Iroquois Theatre fire where over six-hundred Chicagoans perished in a single day. Here, you'll have fun in the creepiest of ways. Just make sure you're sleeping with one eye open at night...
    Haunted Chicago Segway Tour

    300 E Monroe St, Chicago

    • Feel chills standing at infamous haunted hot spots throughout Chicago, such as Death Alley and the former site of Fort Dearborn
    • Glide on a Segway through the city streets to creepy locales like the Michigan Avenue hotel, considered the most haunted hotel in Chicago
    • Learn the stories and tales behind the ghosts that haunt the city today
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    Haunted Chicago Segway Tour

    Do you believe in ghosts? If not, you may start to after this tour. As you follow your guide through the streets of Chicago on a personal Segway, you'll travel down secluded alleys, visit hotel lobbies, and glide along the Chicago River, listening as your guide recounts terrific tales of the city's haunted past, including disasters and gangster murders. Was that just a breeze you felt on your neck? Feel goosebumps on your arms and legs as you stand in the alley where more than 600 Chicagoans perished in 1903. Listen for the faint sound of an unmanned piano playing in the ballroom of the Michigan Avenue Hotel. Stand at the shore of the Chicago River -- the sight of Chicago's most tragic maritime disaster that claimed the lives of 800 people in 1915. Watch out, you don't want to become the haunter.
    Haunted Chicago Segway Tour

    100 S Michigan Ave, Chicago

    • Traverse Chicago's haunted alleys, hotel lobbies, and waterfront on a Segway
    • Recount the tales of the city's haunted past including disasters and infamous gangster murders
    • Embrace the dark side of Chicago's history as you visit the scariest sights the city has to offer
    • Enjoy views of the city lit up at night
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    By Night Mafia and Blues Tour

    First, you will visit the chilling spot where the St. Valentine's Day Massacre murders took place and talk about the events that "lead" up to it. You'll learn about prohibition and how it still happens today in a different form and see how the music of the slaves known as the Blues became a powerful tool to help grow the Mafia in Chicago. Next you will explore some of the bars and nightlife that now dominates Chicago's north-side and will make a stop at a legendary bar previously owned by Al Capone, a Chicago Landmark. There will be some time to enjoy a drink (not included) and possibly some live music in the spirit of the 1920s. This tour will then end with a short sightseeing drive to enjoy the view of Chicago's skyline at night.
    By Night Mafia and Blues Tour

    Downtown Chicago Hotels, Chicago

    • Get inside tips from a local and expert tour guide
    • The small tour group ensures personal service for you and guests
    • This private tour is operated with just your party and a guide/driver
    • See the sights illuminated at night
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    Original Chicago Hauntings Tour

    Check out the hauntings tour that's inspired more shivers than nails on a chalk board! You'll check out the sites of famous tragedies like the Eastland disaster and the Iroquois Theater Fire, the locations of famous ghosts like Resurrection Mary, the body dump of serial killer H.H. Holmes, the house that inspired "Rosemary's Baby" and more! This is not a "spook show"or haunted house tour filled with cheap thrills and scares. Rather, it's darkly historical, sometimes deeply disturbing, and not recommended for highly sensitive children or adults. After this tour, you'll feel a whole new connection to the city -- and all its restless, roving spirits.
    Original Chicago Hauntings Tour

    520 S Michigan Chicago, Chicago

    • Let veteran paranormal researcher Ursula Bielski show you some of Chicago's most haunted locations
    • Visit the sites of massive tragedies, including the Eastland disaster, the Iroquois Theatre Fire, the Fort Dearborn Massacre, and more
    • Explore the death site of "Resurrection Mary" and the dump of legendary serial killer H.H. Holmes
    • See the infamous Hull House, the inspiration for "Rosemary's Baby"
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    Downtown Chicago Night Helicopter Tour

    Most tours are on a bus, Segway, or your own two feet. This tour takes you a little higher. On this 45-minute helicopter ride, you'll fly over Downtown Chicago and experience the Loop in a way you'll never forget. Soaring over the city, you will see Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), John Hancock Building, Navy Pier, and get up close and personal with the Chicago River. You'll rise above the cityscape and experience Chicago's art, architecture, and all-around ambiance from the skies. It can only be described as breathtaking and unforgettable.
    Downtown Chicago Night Helicopter Tour

    905 Irving Park Rd, Schaumburg

    • Soar over Chicago in a helicopter and enjoy breathtaking bird's-eye views of the city
    • Discover the art and architecture of this historic city, like you've never before seen them
    • See famous sites, like Willis Tower, Millennium Park, Navy Pier and Chicago River
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