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    VIP Hollywood Club Crawl

    In the market for some new club buds? This Hollywood Club crawl might be just the ticket! LA Epic Club Crawls stages massive club crawls for up to 200 people, while visiting up to five hot Hollywood clubs over the course of a single night. As a member of this event, you'll receive VIP entrance at each club you visit, as well as some complimentary drinks or shots and epic drink specials to get you in that party mood. Along the way, your party guide will host games and contests to ratchet up the fun, and a professional photographer will capture images of the night in true paparazzi fashion. Whether you're new to Hollywood, or just looking for some celebrity-style treatment, this high-octane crawl is the perfect way to enjoy a night out with old friends and to meet some new ones!
    VIP Hollywood Club Crawl

    6671 Sunset Blvd, New York

    • Hit the Hollywood clubbing scene with a massive club crawl led by an energetic party host
    • Visit up to five popular clubs and enjoy VIP entrance -- no waiting in line!
    • Play games and enjoy epic drink specials
    • Let loose during a night of dancing, drinking, and making new club friends
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    LA Club Crawl

    Do you remember that one scene in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory when Charlie finds the golden ticket? Well this is like the adult version, but instead of chocolate, there will be vodka and champagne. You will get an all-access pass to L.A's trendiest and highly coveted nightclubs with no cover--and the wait to get in will be non-existent or very minimal. Those velvet ropes and big bouncers can be intimidating but you'll have the golden ticket. . . so turn down for what?
    LA Club Crawl

    6363 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

    • Get an all-access pass to an exclusive Hollywood club crawl
    • Experience L.A nightlife like a pro with entrance to some of the hottest clubs
    • Bulk-up your social circle, get your drink on, and meet new friends
    • Dance the night away and toast to the good life
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    Hollywood Club Crawl

    In Hollywood looking for the inside track on a good time? Break out your party clothes, and treat yourself like the VIP you were meant to be during this weekend club crawl! You'll visit four of the hottest clubs over the course of a single night of fun. Better yet, you'll bring the party with you, traveling with an entourage of 50 to 100 fellow club goers! At each hopping venue you, you'll skip the lines and have your cover charges waived. This is key, because partying on Hollywood Boulevard on a Friday or Saturday night typically means long lines and expensive door fees. It's also a great chance to meet some new club-going friends, or spend some quality time with the ones you've already got! Plus, you'll be led by energetic party hosts who are there to ensure you have the time of your life and keep the party going! Dancing your face off has never been so convenient!
    Hollywood Club Crawl

    1602 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles

    • Treat yourself to a night on the town with a Hollywood Boulevard club crawl
    • Visit four different clubs where you'll pay no extra door fees and skip the line at each
    • Travel with 50 to 100 fellow partiers and hosts that know how to have fun
    • Dance your face off in Hollywood and make some new club buds
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    Dearly Departed: The Tragic History Tour

    Your Director of Undertakings will guide you through decades of death, murder and just plain fun. Once your tour um... departs, you will be treated to the most tickling tales of tinsel town tragedies, in the cool comfort of the luxurious Tomb Buggy.

    In two and a half hours, you will be escorted to such infamous locations such as:
    • The Last Breath Locations of Michael Jackson, River Phoenix, Bela Lugosi
    • The Murders of Rebecca Schaeffer, Sal Mineo, and the Black Dahlia
    • Where Janis Joplin and John Belushi's spent their final moments
    • Where Sharon Tate had her last supper
    • The Bizarre deaths of Diane Linkletter, Albert Dekker, and Robert Lees
    No city in the world has a more colorful and sordid history than Hollywood and nowhere else have so many famous (and infamous) met their maker. There are approximately 100 locations you'll be guided to on this thoroughly entertaining and fascinating tour. There is one restroom break, appropriately where George Michael was caught red handed. A complimentary copy of George's arrest report will be provided to all guests. On top of that you'll walk away with a list of infamous addresses the tour isn't able to cover - so you can make a day of it!

    All in all, almost 100 sites are crammed into 2.5 hours, making it the best bang for your buck!
    Dearly Departed: The Tragic History Tour

    Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles

    • Discover where Michael Jackson and River Phoenix died
    • See almost 100 sites in 2.5 hours, as you listen to the tragic tales of Janis Joplin, the Black Dahlia, and John Belushi
    • Follow your Director of Undertakings as he guides you through decades of death and murder
    • See why this tour was voted one of the "1,000 Things To Do Before You Die!"
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