Essentials of Film Acting (9 classes)

What to expect
  • Learn how to act for the camera, with a focus on film-acting
  • Work on eyeline, voice projection, emotions, and physicality
  • Practice with monologues, close-ups, cold reads, and auditions
  • Review your work after each class on a TV monitor
Next time you flick through the channels, imagine coming across your face, on a TV show or movie In this introductory acting class, learn what it takes to get on film and television as a professional actor/actress. Work on eyeline, voice projection, emotions, physicality, and other techniques that will help you look most effective on screen. Practice your believability and vulnerability, and learn some special tricks that'll help you succeed at perfecting your craft. Practice working with monologues, close-ups, cold reads, audition techniques, and more. In this beginner class, you'll learn the essentials of acting -- begin your journey into the beloved art form now.

Note: After two terms of Essentials classes, you will be eligible to enroll in the Advanced Class and to have your work screened in a theatre for casting directors, agents, and managers.
Key Highlights
Price $550.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 9
Rating 4 positive reviews
Mark Stolzenberg is an accomplished actor, writer, instructor, and director. His feature on the cover of NEW YORK MAGAZINE called him, "One of the hidden delights of New York's little theatres..." He has worked in over 25 national television commercials, acting in both principal and supporting roles and co-wrote and stars in the Off-Broadway stage show "Pierrot & Pirouette."
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