Beginner Improv Class

What to expect
  • Gain a solid foundation in improvisational comedy with an ultimate beginner's class
  • Understand the basics of performing, directing, and writing improv
  • Have fun developing your own creative and original scenes with your peers
New to improv? This class is the one for you! Designed to arm you with the knowledge to be able to quickly make decisions about your next step, this ultimate beginner improv class is a survey course that will provide you with an extremely solid foundation in improvisational comedy. Learn a wide spectrum of improv techniques and cover a multitude of methods, including long form, short form, games, musical improv, object work, giving and taking directions, and initiating scenes, along with the rules and history of the art. Whether you want to perform, direct, write, or just know more about this form of comedy, this class will allow you to understand what it means to play with abandonment, withhold judgement, and commit to your characters and choices.

Note: This class is 8 sessions long.
Key Highlights
Price $350.00 per guest
Duration / Session 3 hours
# Sessions 8
There are no refunds; all sales final.

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