Brick Oven Pizza Making with Open Bar

What to expect
  • Discover all the tips and tricks to making mouth-watering pies, focaccia bread, and mini calzones, all from scratch
  • Learn how to knead and stretch dough like a pro
  • Master the proper ratios of toppings to cheese to sauce to dough, and achieve the perfect crust
  • Open bar included
If you're a New Yorker with Dominos saved in your contacts, it's time for a little self-evaluation. Where is your pride? Your self-respect?

Redemption for such a travesty is going to take more than hanging your head low and eating your weight in garlic knots from the one-of-a-kind pizzeria on your block -- where you should have been all along.

No, you're gonna need to beseech forgive with the ultimate sign of respect to the holiness that is your home state 'za: learning to make your own.

And here's the place to start. Discover the craftsmanship behind the art of the pizza pie, mini calzones, and focaccia bread with this Brick Oven Pizza Making class.

Master the sacred dough/sauce/cheese ratios to perfection and learn the art of kneading. (Bonus points awarded for a semblance of a circle.) Add a topping (or five), cook, and eat up.

'Cause that's how New Yorkers do pizza.

Note: Option for the open bar is included in the price of the class. Open bar is only for beer and wine.
Key Highlights
Price $110.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
Rating 16 positive reviews
Cancellations are allowed given at least 48 hours advanced notice to the scheduled class date.

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