Ninjutsu -- Bujinkan Budo Tatsujin (Indoors)

What to expect
  • Learn a practical form of martial arts in Ninjutsu
  • Practice self-defense skills that focus on disabling an attacker as efficiently as possible
  • Master strikes, hits, locks, and throws that were used by samurais and ninjas but still apply today
  • Focus and train your mind to react instantly react
Self-defense isn't some kind of joke. If you're learning how to defend yourself against an attacker, you better take it seriously -- this is where Bujinkan Budo comes in. Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Ninjutsu) is a practical martial art, unlike many of the martial arts that are currently done for sport, which focuses on disabling an attacker as efficiently as possible. In contrast to other self-defense strategies, Bujinkan aims at spur-the-moment, slow motion, and dynamic training that uses striking, hits, locks, and throws against an opponent. During this all levels class, you will go over various movements, positions, and techniques, and the respective drills to perfect them. This martial art form also incorporates traditions used by samurais and ninjas in ancient Japan as well. Hiyaa!
Key Highlights
Price $15.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
Andrew Dendariarena is a Shidoshi (instructor) licensed directly from Soke Hatsumi's Hombu Dojo in Noda-shi, Japan, and is currently ranked as an 8th Dan.
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