Capoeira Guanabara

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    Dance, martial arts, music, art...when you have a busy schedule it's hard to fit everything in. Come to this class to get all that and more in one fell swoop! (PLUS acrobatics!) Capoeira is form of martial art that originated over 400 years ago when enslaved Africans in Brazil needed a way to defend themselves and maintain their culture. During this class you will become a part of a long history of dedicated artists and revolutionaries. This class is perfect for beginners, or anyone who is a little unsure of their footing in Capoeira. You'll get a fantastic workout, while also flexing your creative skills, making for a perfect combination! There's no doubt about it: capoeira is where-uh it's at!

    112 Schermerhorn St, New York

    • Learn an African-Brazilian art form that combines dance, martial arts, music and acrobatics
    • Get in touch with a physical practice that was created over 400 years ago
    • Strengthen your muscles, improve your agility, and increase your confidence with this fantastic workout
    • Feel empowered as you participate in a revolutionary art form!
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