Egyptian Tomb Escape Room

What to expect
  • Immerse yourself in an escape-room game based on an Egyptian tomb booby trap
  • Put your powers of observation and critical-thinking skills to test
  • Work with your teammates to get the air running before your 60-minute time limit is up
  • Enjoy an engaging game designed to inspire your imagination and sweep you up in the moment
An Egyptian pharaoh's hidden tomb, and oodles of treasure to be had. What could possibly go wrong?

Several tons of rock falling on your head, for starters.

Actually, that's pretty much the sum of it.

You and your team of Egyptologist nerd buddies thought you hit the jackpot when you made the discovery, and were getting ready to ransack the tomb of all its delightful artifacts (that were going straight to the MET, we're sure). Upon your moment of triumph, one of your colleagues (nobody's admitting who) pulled the classic hidden tomb mistake, triggering a deadly booby trap.

Now, you've got just 60 minutes to make your escape. You'll need to scour the room for clues, solves puzzles, and make your way to freedom via a secret tunnel. Also, collect as many artifacts as you can-- all that precious Pharoah booty shouldn't go to waste, after all.

Focus your mind, and tap into your critical thinking skills. Team up with savvy strangers, or bring your smartest friends. Also, it's going to be pretty scary! So you might want to bring your mummy.

Note: Recommended group size is between 4-8 people for best experience. Children under the age of 16 are only permitted with appropriate adult supervision in the participating group. Full name of all participants must be provided.

Due to building's security process they need the full first and last names as shown on each player's ID. Each participant will need to bring a valid form of photo ID such as a drivers license or passport with them to check in as well.
Key Highlights
Price $29.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final.

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