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    Beginner African Dance

    The Beginner Joneeba™ African Dance class is for adults who just want to get a great workout, lose weight, get in shape, and have fun doing it! This class is high-energy, fun, and easy-to-learn! This total body workout combines the three key elements of exercise physiology: warm-up, cardio, and simple instruction. First, you'll participate in a uniquely designed stretching, strengthening, and toning warm-up. Next, you'll condition your heart with powerful West African dance moves accompanied by stimulating drum rhythms. Throughout the experience, your talented instructor will break down steps in a methodical way, so that every person -- including those who have never danced in their lives -- can sweat, have fun, and learn the skill of dancing. Basically -- it’s gonna take a lot to drag you away from this class!
    Beginner African Dance

    126 E 13th St, New York

    • Class starts with a warm-up, designed to strengthen, tone and make flexible all muscle groups and prevent injuries.
    • Learn the breakdown of West African dance moves to the sound of live master drummers.
    • Have fun, meet new people, and discover an exciting way to exercise
    • Intro class available Monday & Friday 7:30pm, & Saturday 2pm
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