Belly Dancing

What to expect
  • Experience a new cultural dance in the art of belly dancing
  • Learn the basics of belly dancing through hip hits, undulations, and shimmies
  • Sport a workout known to improve flexibility along with strengthening the spine, abs, and upper body
Generic dance styles like jazz and hip-hop can become stale. If you're hips have been "lying" lately, and you're looking to spice up your workout routine, belly dancing may be right up your alley. At Drom NYC, you will learn belly dancing basics, including hip hits, undulations, and of course, the shimmy. These exercises will undoubtedly improve your flexibility and strengthen your spine, abs, and upper body. If that's not enough, all of these benefits will lead to an increase in confidence as well. Shimmy and shake your way to a healthier you!
Key Highlights
Price $15.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
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Layla Isis is a professional belly dancer based in New York City. Layla is an active member of the Dalia Carella Dance Collective and the classical Arabic music and dance emsemble Zikrayat. She has performed in theaters, concert halls, nightclubs and event spaces around the world as a highly sought after solo dance artist and troupe leader, and has also appeared in films, television and music videos.

Mariyah is an acclaimed professional belly dancer based in New York City. Mariyah has performed for Lincoln Center out of Doors as a principal dancer with the Arabic music and dance ensemble Zikrayat, in on- and off-Broadway productions with contemporary world-fusion dance theater company the Dalia Carella Dance Collective, and co-produced Bellydance Live from NY at the NY Poet's Den. Mariyah co-created and appears on the instructional dance DVDs Chakra Dance Flow and Belly Dance Drum Solo.

Sira is a professional belly dancer based in New York City. She has worked with the Metropolitan Opera, William Peter Blatty's stage adaptation of John Goldfarb Please Come Home!, and performed as a lead dancer in Anahid Sofian's off-Broadway productions, Marrakech: Inside the Magic Circle and Passage through Light and Shadows: The Children of Ararat. Sira co-produced Belly Dance Live from NY at the Poet's Den, and choreographed and performed for Fantasy Bellydance productions and the Theatrical Bellydance Conference in New York.
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