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    Thursday Night Cocktail Course

    Did you know that the word cocktail is likely a loan-word from the French "coquetier," which means an eggcup (a tool used for measurement)? Consider that the first of many things to learn about cocktails -- and then sign up for this class to learn the rest! Practice making your own cocktails at Huckleberry Bar during this two-hour course. Your instructor will focus on composition, technique, and palate development -- or how to mix and sip like a pro. You're sure to impress all your friends at your next dinner party! No need to throw your pinky up, Huckleberry Bar boasts being the second least pretentious cocktail bar in Brooklyn. Prepare to #liveauthentic.
    Thursday Night Cocktail Course

    588 Grand St, Brooklyn

    • Learn to mix your own cocktails during a two-hour course that spills all of the secrets of mixology
    • Focus on composition, technique and palate development -- or how to identify flavors like a pro
    • Enjoy three cocktails worth of tasting while you learn from an experienced teacher
    • Impress your friends at your next dinner party with your classy skills!
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