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    Hoop Dance

    You don't have to jump through any hoops to make it in this class... just have to jump into one and start spinning! In this hour-long beginners-welcome class, you'll learn how to combine the skill of hula hooping with the art of dance to get a great workout and have tons of fun. Following a skilled instructor, you'll pick up basic moves and motions that will keep your hoop and your heartrate up! You'll also enjoy working in a fun, low-key studio that focuses on you achieving your personal fitness goals while also enjoying yourself. Trust us -- your inner child will thank you for this!
    Hoop Dance

    913 NE 5th Ave , New York

    • Discover the fun of hula hoop dancing during this combination dance lesson and workout
    • Use a professional hula hoop as you pick up simple tips and tricks to keep your hoop and your hips spinning
    • Get a great cardio and strengthening workout that will work all of your major muscle groups
    • Let out your inner kid by playing with a hula hoop while also satisfying your responsible adult side with a beneficial workout
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