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    LAVA Acrobatics Workshop

    Want a fresh perspective on things? Why not flip everything upside down...literally! In this class, you will focus on improving strength and flexibility as you build the power, agility, and alignment necessary to achieve and maintain a flawless handstand and other impressive acrobatic moves. In a friendly and inclusive environment, you will have the opportunity to learn new physical skills and fitness without feeling any pressure. Whatever your current skill level, expect to be engaged in and inspired by creative performances and exercises. The judges will definitely score you a 10/10 when you're done with this class!
    LAVA Acrobatics Workshop

    524 Bergen St, New York

    • Practice the exercises necessary to achieve and hold a perfect handstand and other acrobatic moves
    • Learn a new set of rare skills in a friendly and inclusive environment
    • Build muscle strength, flexibility, and balancing skills to add to your physique
    • Get a great full-body workout while having an incredible time
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