Rapid Problem-Solving: Tools & Techniques

What to expect
  • Learn how to creatively define your problem and chart a solution
  • Improve your intersectional thinking
  • Use creativity as a means to innovate solutions
How much easier would life be if you could quickly and efficiently solve problems? How great would it be if you could identify, dissect, and creatively correct the problem in an instant? While taking this class, rather than simply "fixing" problems, you'll learn how to innovate solutions. Explore the techniques used for creatively solving any and all of life's problems. Need work advice? Solution. Relationship problems? There's hope still! Garbage disposal acting up? Well, this class may not fix that. Enjoy this fun environment and take a class that will have an immediate impact on your life!
Key Highlights
Price $40.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
Dr. LeeAnn Renniger has a PhD in Social Psychology/Urban Ethology from the University of Vienna, Austria and holds a research specialization in interpersonal relations related to success in relationships, work, play and decision-making. She has also led training courses across 4 countries since 1998 and specializes in detecting facial expressions.
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