The Seeing Lab

What to expect
  • Learn to detect and read micro-expressions
  • Interpret intentions and people's moods
  • Participate in pre/post test of your people-reading abilities
Want a window into exactly how someone is feeling at any given moment? Look no further than this Seeing Lab class, a 3-hour course designed to teach you how to detect and read micro-expressions, or small contractions of facial muscles lasting only tenths of a second. You will learn how to read not only what people may be thinking, but the mood they are in as well. To test your progress, you'll even get to use the same imaging software that is used to train detectives and the secret service.

You might become so good at interpreting facial expressions that your friends may think you can actually read their minds!
Key Highlights
Price $60.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2.5 hours
# Sessions 1
Dr. LeeAnn Renniger has a PhD in Social Psychology/Urban Ethology from the University of Vienna, Austria and holds a research specialization in interpersonal relations related to success in relationships, work, play and decision-making. She has also led training courses across 4 countries since 1998 and specializes in detecting facial expressions.
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