Yapper Lab

What to expect
  • Learn the art of great conversation through experimenting with different conversation tactics
  • Examine six conversational skill findings
  • Be able to start a conversation with anyone about anything
  • Gain confidence in your speaking abilities
"So..." Don't know how to start a conversation or even keep one going without those dreaded awkward silences? Whether you're asking for a raise, talking your way out of an uncomfortable situation, or just trying to have small talk with a stranger, everyone struggles. Yapper Lab analyzes the art of great conversation, teaching you how to avoid those awkward silences, shrugs, and so's. In this class, you'll examine six rapport skill findings, and try the LifeLab method at taking conversation to the next level through careful experimentation. This isn't like your typical science lab with pipettes and boring partners. Take your conversation to the next level and learn how to speak with anyone... about anything!
Key Highlights
Price $40.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2.5 hours
# Sessions 1
Dr. LeeAnn Renniger has a PhD in Social Psychology/Urban Ethology from the University of Vienna, Austria and holds a research specialization in interpersonal relations related to success in relationships, work, play and decision-making. She has also led training courses across 4 countries since 1998 and specializes in detecting facial expressions.
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