What to expect
  • Workout with an experienced instructor as you learn basic movements and techniques of fencing
  • Strengthen muscles, increase agility, and improve endurance as you work with the best in the sport
  • Gain confidence as you begin your fencing journey and train to be the best fencer you can be
  • Conquer your fears as you discipline your mind and body
"That is, without a doubt, the worst pirate I've ever seen."

Oh dear...are they talking about you? Come get your swashbuckling skills up to snuff during this fencing class!

You'll learn how to fence with the best of them -- for real! Manhattan Fencing is known for its incredible athletes, including multiple placing Olympic teams and world-class coaches. Your experienced instructor will go through moves and techniques step by step to teach you how to wield your blade like a pro.

This class is the perfect way to workout your body and gain confidence. Fencing involves exercising both the mind and the body, resulting in holistic benefits, like increased agility, patience, dedication, confidence, strength, and optimism. By the end of class you'll be prepared for anything that the world may throw at you!


Note: Complimentary equipment provided.
Key Highlights
Price $55.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
Please provide at least 48 hour cancellation notice.

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