Chapter 3: Cafe Belim Escape Room

What to expect
  • Participate in a thrilling interactive game in which you must escape from a coffee house under a biological attack
  • Work within the 60-minute time limit to solve the mystery that will let you survive the attack
  • Put your critical thinking skills and teamwork abilities to the ultimate test as you piece together clues
  • Enjoy an exciting and challenging game filled with anticipation and twists
Cafe Belim was the place to go. It was a frequent gathering spot for artists, musicians and students. Despite its success, the doors to such a paradise came to a close as the owner disappeared without a word. Detective Grant sent your team to investigate the cafe as there were reports of unexplained illnesses. Quarantined in the room due to the bio-hazard risk, you will have an hour to uncover what could have caused the cafe to close in addition to escaping the room.

During this escape room adventure, you'll find yourself trapped in a once popular cafe. There you will find evidence regarding the mysterious disappearance of its owner, and unravel the mystery of the attack that left you quarantined within the coffee shop.

While you have only sixty minutes to get the job done before your face melts off, you'll have help thanks to the small team trapped with you. Together, you'll need to exercise your collective observational and critical thinking skills to safely escape.

Key Highlights
Price $28.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
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