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    Hell's Kitchen Food Tour and Central Park Stroll

    Make your way to midtown Manhattan to meet your expert guide and head off to explore one of New York City's most bustling and diverse neighborhoods: Hell's Kitchen. You will stop by restaurants to munch on curry puffs, empanadas, and even homemade doughnuts. Sample enough food on this portion of the tour to make a full lunch. Next, walk off those calories by following your guide to Central Park. The greatest urban park in the world holds many intriguing secrets. Go to parts of the park many people don't know about, including a spot that feels as if you're miles and miles from the urban jungle that is New York City. Expect to walk about 3 miles (5 km) in all, at a comfortable pace. The tour ends at Central Park, leaving you free to continue to explore the city on your own.
    Hell's Kitchen Food Tour and Central Park Stroll

    Hell's Kitchen, New York

    • Explore restaurants of Hell's Kitchen where a world of ethnic food choice is available
    • Learn about the history and culture of this Hell's Kitchen as you savor a tasty selection of food
    • Then head to Central Park to learn the secrets of park and visit parts you would have never found on your own
    • Take in the scenic views of the iconic landscape and snap a few beautiful photos you can share with friends and family
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    NYC After Dark

    Are you frustrated with not being able to take photos at night, or trying and having them come out horribly blurry or completely dark? During this on-location photography shoot, you will be guided through important technical elements of exposure to improve your night photography skills. Start the class in Times Square with a short discussion on proper exposure, working with/without flash, compensating for low lighting, and technical issues particular to your subject. You will then be given a photo assignment to complete as well as guidance and feedback from a trained photography guide along the way. You will capture amazing photos of Times Square at night and produce better photographs no matter what your level of skill currently.
    NYC After Dark

    Bryant Park, New York

    • Learn to take amazing photos at night during this on-location night shoot around Times Square under the guidance of a skilled photography guide
    • Practice important elements of night photography such as long exposure, working with a flash, and a combo of the both
    • Add drama to your images using well established tips and tricks of the photography trade
    • Cherish your beautiful photos at home or send them to your friends and family to appreciate
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    Greenwich Village Food Tour and High Line Park

    Make your way to the High Line to begin this exciting 3.5 hour guided walking tour of the elevated High Line park and the famous Greenwich Village neighborhood. Once an elevated railway line for cargo that went all the way down the west side of Manhattan, now sits a completed park that is 1.5 miles (2.4 km) long and is enjoyed equally by tourists and locals. Learn about its unique history from a knowledgeable guide as you admire its architectural design. Once you've reached the end at the Meatpacking District, you will descend the stairs and meet Greenwich Village, one of New York's most historic and eye-pleasing neighborhoods. You will explore the Village through its delicious food. Eat a slice of real Big Apple pizza and get clued in on where to find some of the best Italian specialties and chocolate confections in the city -- you'll sample enough food to make a full lunch of it. Find out from the guide what famous people have lived in the neighborhood, and who still does. Learn about the best underground jazz clubs and cool independent bookstores. The tour concludes in Greenwich Village, leaving you free to continue to explore this vibrant neighborhood.
    Greenwich Village Food Tour and High Line Park

    509 West 30th Street, New York

    • Explore High Line park and Greenwich Village on a tour led by a knowledgeable guide
    • Learn the history of this unique park created out of an elevated railway line and discover the food scene in a historic New York City neighborhood
    • Eat tasty food samples from local restaurant favorites
    • Tour the best hotspots in Greenwich Village from underground jazz clubs to independent bookstores
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    Muay Thai Boxing

    Remember when you wanted to become a Muay Thai boxing champ? Okay, maybe not, but you probably once (or on numerous occasions) made promises to yourself to get in shape. Well, there's no better time to start training than right now! No matter what your age or skill level, this Muay Thai class is a great place to start. You will learn a mix of traditional Thai and Dutch martial arts from expert instructors who have trained some of the world's leading Muay Thai champions. With a focus on boxing techniques, get ready to train with effective punches, kicks, and self-defense moves. Get that kickstart on a fantastic new you!
    Muay Thai Boxing

    2573 Steinway St, Astoria

    • Learn the martial art of Muay Thai with a focus on boxing
    • Discover the mix of traditional Thai and Dutch style training techniques
    • Enjoy a challenging workout that can help you get in shape
    • Try different, fun cardio exercises to tone your body
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    How to Cook Fish

    You love to eat fish but are not sure how to prepare and cook it. Moreover, you are not even clear on how to store it. Home Cooking New York is here to help. This class is dedicated to teaching you not only the basics of cooking fish, but on buying, storing, and substituting one fish for another. You'll cover five dishes including:
    • Parchment-Roasted Salmon Fillets with Roasted Beet Coulis
    • Seared Tuna Steak with Orange-Olive-Currant Relish
    • Garlic Shrimp
    • Crispy Tilapia with Lemon-Caper Butter
    • Asian Braised Fish with Bok Choy and Ginger
    If this doesn't make your mouth water, nothing will.
    How to Cook Fish

    158 Grand St, New York

    • Learn about buying, storing, and substituting fish
    • Cook five delicious fish recipes
    • Eat what you cook
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    A Taste of India (Vegan / BYOB)

    Want to learn the difference between whole spices and ground? Coriander versus cumin? Spice versus spicy? This menu is a spice-lovers dream! The variety of Indian spices and combinations is never-ending. You'll taste and explore the most popular spices and combinations as you create Taste Buds Kitchen's favorite Indian recipes completely from scratch. From toasting and blending spices for Garam Masala and Tofu & Chickpea Tikka Masala to warm and fresh handmade Naan and Veggie Samosas, this vegan menu is sure to please your every tastebud. Grab your friends and enjoy a spice-filled culinary adventure together.
    A Taste of India (Vegan / BYOB)

    109 W 27th St, New York

    • Enter the world of Indian spices and all of the never-ending flavor combinations therein
    • Use whole and ground spices to make your favorite Indian dishes
    • Learn how to roast and prepare your own spice blends with your group
    • Enjoy a delicious, vegan menu that will thrill your taste buds
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