Interactive Zombie Survival Experience (vendor no longer in business FMC 8/28/18)

What to expect
  • Gear up, grab a laser gun, and pick off some zombies on this interactive live-action theatrical journey
  • Equipped with gas recoil laser weapons, your group will enter the Apollo Prison System and fight back hundreds of zombies
  • See if you and your friends would have what it takes to work for the CDC's secret zombie-killing unit
  • Take down the mindless hordes with your upgraded exclusive Micro CQB M4, outfitted with a visible laser, rail system, and vertical fore grip
You are trapped in Apollo, a top secret prison system, where a viral pandemic has infected inmates and officers with a weaponized, deadly strand. With a laser gun in hand and help from fellow survivors, you have 45 minutes to take on the brain-hungry living dead.

In this interactive, live-action thriller, you will be briefed, trained, and thrust into the apocalypse. You and your group will be equipped with a full weight laser rifle and you must fight back hundreds of zombies, making sure that they do not get close enough to infect you.

Nothing but a harmless beam of light is fired from these guns, and no form of protective gear is required. But conserving your shots, reloading and finding spare ammunition will all be necessary throughout the Apollo Prison System.

The infection has taken hold of victims at different rates throughout the prison, so different areas will have different styles of zombies. No change to your objective though -- kill "em all, please.

Note: All necessary equipment will be provided.

Key Highlights
Price $40.00 per guest
Duration / Session 6 hours
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final.

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