Sexy Secrets of the Metropolitan

What to expect
  • Explore the Met's sexy side alongside a knowledgeable guide during a storytelling tour
  • Learn about the the loves and tragic circumstances of some of the most famous figures in art
  • View works from a range of periods and artists
  • Expand your knowledge of art during a creative touring experience
Great art should stimulate. And nothing's quite so stimulating as naked people.

During this provocative Met tour, you'll be introduced to the museum's bawdy side. Walk its hallowed halls with a local guide in search of racy sculpture and portraiture designed to titillate -- along the way you'll learn a lot about the history of human sexuality.

Subjects include the courtesan who served as the model for Praxiteles' nude Venus, the boyfriend (deified after he committed suicide) of a famous Roman Emperor, the mistress of a French king, and one of the great castrato singers of Renaissance Rome.

Better bring a fan for this one. You might need some cooling off.

Note: Backpacks, packages, and large umbrellas must be checked at the coat-check facility. Oversized backpacks and luggage (including carry-on bags) cannot be brought inside the museum or checked at coat-check, so be sure to leave these at home! We recommend traveling light to avoid waiting on lines at coat-check!
Key Highlights
Price $49.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
Professor Andrew Lear is a Classicist and art historian and a world expert on sexuality in the ancient world. He has been a beloved teacher at Harvard, Columbia, and NYU and also has many years of experience designing and leading tours. His tours are intellectually stimulating, culturally rewarding, and above all fun!
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