BYOB Creative Collage Lesson

What to expect
  • Treat yourself to some relaxing & creative fun with a social collaging lesson
  • Express your creativity by repurposing found images into evocative works
  • Get pointers on collage crafting and learn produce durable pieces
  • Bring your favorite beer or wine, socialize, and enjoy music
A snip here, a dab of glue there. Voila! Bieber's head on grizzly bear body. Let's call this one, "The Biebear."

Put yesteryear's cutting and pasting skills to good use during this Creative Collage Lesson, and similar masterpieces could be in your near future! Train under the guidance of a master magazine mutilator, and find out just how much glue can do!

Of course, the creation of a superior collage is more than about repurposing cutouts. It's about self-expression and vision. Learn to make stylish pieces that are durable and work as framed art, whether in your own living room, or in a Chelsea Art Gallery beside The Biebear.

As you work, listen to soothing tunes under relaxed lighting, banter with your buddies, or make some new ones. You're even welcome to bring along your favorite beer or wine to lighten the mood, and call forth your creative spirit.

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Key Highlights
Price $35.00 per guest
Duration / Session 100 min
# Sessions 1
Rating 8 positive reviews
Cancellations made between 24 - 48 hours of the event will receive a credit towards another event. Cancellations made less than 24 hours of the event are not subject to a credit or refund.

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