Systems of Vegan Cooking

What to expect
  • Learn to turn your home into a workshop to create delicious vegan meals
  • Form good habits of selecting fresh ingredients, using solid technique, and being safe
  • Get away from stir fries and liven up your diet
  • Create filling and nutritious meals everyone will enjoy
All Purple Kale workshops introduce systems and strategies for turning your home into a place a cook would want to work. You will learn to use good ingredients and solid technique, coupled with curiosity and safe experimentation, to create delicious meals. The Vegan workshop will help you create great food using a strictly vegan set of ingredients. You will address challenges particular to building a vegan pantry and plate, not so much the nutritional challenges, but the strategic and sensory ones -- how to get away from stir fries, how to reformat what you think of as a "meal," how to fill your belly without an over-reliance on nuts, "fake" meat, and potatoes. Do you have to be vegan to take this class? Of course not! If you have any interest in learning to create delicious food out of vegan ingredients, you're welcome to join and learn.

Note: While most eating preferences can be accommodated, this class is not gluten or nut free.
Key Highlights
Price $250.00 per guest
Duration / Session 4 hours
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final.

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