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    Knife Skills

    Institute of Culinary Education
    Knowing how to use knives skillfully is the foundation of all cooking, and should not be scary or frustrating. Many home and even professional cooks don't always wield a knife correctly, however, which increases food preparation time and makes the process harder, and less safe, than it should be. Good knives are the foundation of a well equipped kitchen. This class remedies all these basic issues: You will learn how to slice, dice, and chop in the safest and most efficient manner. Brendan McDermott, a professional chef and cooking instructor who started teaching knife skills at Brooklyn Kitchen in 2008 (New York declared his class Best Cooking Class of 2010), will guide you through the practice of keeping your knives sharp and handling them correctly. In his 10 years as a chef in New York, he has worked at Mesa Grill, RM, Patria, Olives, Alta, and Porchetta. He has also been featured on the show Working Class Foodies.
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    Fresh Pasta Workshop

    Rustico Cooking
    It's no wonder why Italians are world-famous for their pasta: whether it's light, ethereal egg noodles from northern Italy, rich, cheesy gnocchi from Tuscany, or rustic semolina creations from southern Italy -- fresh pasta made the traditional Italian way rarely ever disappoints. In this class, you'll learn to make three very different pastas from three different Italian regions, and pair each with their ideal sauce: From Liguria -- a silky tagliatelle in a light, wine-accented fish ragu. From Tuscany -- a light Ricotta gnocchi tossed with colorful roasted pepper and olive sauce. And from Basilicata, a handmade cavatelli with a chili-laced three cheese and sausage ragu sauce. Does all that savory have you craving something sweet? Round out your meal with a refreshing salad and some homemade biscotti. Bellissima!
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    Classic Italian

    Miette Culinary Studio
    Do you love to cook? Do you LOVE to eat? If you answered an enthused, "Yes!" to either question then this cooking class is perfect for you! Capped at around 12 students per session, this small and intimate cooking class is designed for anyone who wants to cook, whether you're a beginner or a more experienced home chef. Expand upon your skills and knowledge in a relaxed setting under the guidance of an expert chef, as you learn new hands-on techniques, and gain confidence in the kitchen. Working with fresh seasonal farmers' produce and other healthful ingredients, you will prepare a delicious gourmet meal of tomato basil bruschetta, stuffed tomatoes with rice and parmesan, gnocchi di Spinaci with ricotta, roasted stuffed pork tenderloin with dried fruit, polenta, and green peas. End your culinary experience with a sit down dinner and finish on a sweet note with homemade raspberry sorbet. You'll even receive a recipe packet and Miette canvas tote to bring home and recreate these delicious recipes over and over again. Bon appetit!
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