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    Gay Secrets of the Metropolitan Museum

    Shady Ladies Tours
    If someone mentions the Metropolitan Museum and you don't instantly think "homoeroticism," then you've clearly never been on this fascinating, informative tour. Discover the queer treasures on display throughout the Met, from erotic Ancient Greek vases to Picasso's portrait of Gertrude Stein, plus many lesser-known artists and works that few people tend to notice. In the meantime, learn about the expression of homosexuality in other cultures, like New Guinean sex initiation rites, represented in the Met's Oceania collection. So whether the works are by LGBT artists, portraying LGBT people, or just showing some same-sex desire, the Met has them all- and they're all just waiting for you to find them.
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    Greek Cooking

    Home Cooking NY
    Historically a forerunner of Western cuisine, the Greek's divulge in a Mediterranean diet, loaded with olive oil, veggies, herbs, breads, and oh so many gyros. You also can't forget the addition of yogurt, eggplant, and feta... a lot of feta! Greek cuisine is renowned for its worldly influence, and now, you can learn the reasons why. On this culinary adventure, embrace the Greek spirit as you cook everything from pita with Tzatziki to baked chicken with feta and olives, and even an almond yogurt cake. The Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest in the world, shall overtake your system! A sample cooking menu includes: Tzatziki with Toasted Pita Pastitsio (showstopping baked pasta dish with lamb, tomatoes, and creamy bechamel sauce) Baked Chicken with Fresh Oregano, Feta and Black Olives Almond Yogurt Cake with Spiced Honey Syrup
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    Savory Greek Hand Pies

    Get hands-on training on how to make fresh pastries from scratch, from mixing and forming the dough to filling them with an array of scrumptious ingredients. This class will go back to the origins of pie making, ancient Greece, and discover the many pies made now days around the world, making an assortment of vegetarian and non- vegetarian pies using Italian bacon, cheese, tomato, spinach, caramelized onions and herbs to more. Open to everyone from the cooking enthusiast who wants to be a part of every step to the friend who'd rather assist (and taste), this class is fun, welcoming and instructive - not to mention delicious!
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    Essentials of Mediterranean Cooking

    Institute of Culinary Education
    Seafood, vegetables, whole grains, herbs and olive oil are among the ingredients most associated with countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. They make for flavorful dishes that trigger memories of sunbathed vacations and leisurely meals. This class focuses on the cuisines of Southern France, Eastern Spain, Italy and Greece, whose coasts abut the Mediterranean. You will cook your way through a menu-map that includes olive tapenade and bouillabaisse from France; grilled squid takes us to Greece; anchovy pasta with garlic breadcrumbs from Italy; and an olive oil cake. To start the feast, you will enjoy a glass of pastis.
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    A Taste of Greece

    The only thing that compares to visiting the beautiful coastal country of Greece, is recreating the delicious Mediterranean dishes you’d find there! In this class, you will learn various amazing recipes that will dazzle your dinner guests. Using the best quality organic ingredients and with instruction from an experienced chef, your Mediterranean cooking skills will upgrade to a whole new level. After this class, you will be using Feta even beta than ever before. Somethings you can expect to make: Greek cheese filo pies, Maroulosalata, Shrimp Saganaki, Chicken Souvlaki, Sako Salad of Crete, Tzatziki, Baklava, and more!
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