Qoya - Sensual Dance - Vendor Delisted 9/4/18

What to expect
  • Learn to move your body in a sensual, empowering, and creative way
  • Use the collected wisdom of yoga and dancing to empower yourself
  • Combine traditional benefits of fitness with a big boost in self-worth
  • Make new friends in a warm and welcoming environment
Quick Quiz: Who does your body belong to?

We hope you answered Me. And by Me we mean, you, the strong, beautiful woman we're talking to.

Take control of your body and your body's movements, with this empowering class from Sacred. Qoya represents a shift in consciousness through movement that evolves the way women are typically taught to use their bodies. Drawn from the wisdom of yoga, the creative expression of dance, and the sensual pleasures of movement, Qoya helps women enjoy and revel in their feminine bodies.

With this unique approach that is feminine, expressive, and fun, you'll get in great shape, building strength, agility, flexibility, and muscle-tone.

But this is more than a workout for your body -- it's strength for your soul.
Key Highlights
Price $19.00 per guest
Duration / Session 75 min
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final.

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