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    Shark Cage Dive

    "Mommy, Mommy, I wanna swim with the sharks!" -- A mom's worst nightmare Cages generally precipitate a negative connotation -- resemblance to prison cells and anything involving MMA. With sharks, a cage is what you really want. Let Sea Turtle Dives take you on the adventure of a lifetime, just off the coast of Long Island. You'll spend a day getting comfortable in the cage, baiting the most-seen sea creatures, mako, blue sharks, mahi mahi, tuna and more. For thirty to forty-five minutes, cohabit the ocean with majestic sharks and other impressive fish, providing you with the ultimate thrill. This adventure's for anyone's inner daredevil or avid Shark Week watcher.
    Shark Cage Dive

    352 Westlake Drive , Montauk

    • Cage dive into the ocean, and surround yourself with sharks
    • Travel 15 - 30 miles off the coast of Long Island and bait these cartilaginous creatures
    • Enjoy an adventurous day filled with sun, water, exotic fishes... and sharks!
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