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    Private Voice Lesson

    You know you can make it big, but you just can't hit the high notes like Zayn or Adele. Why not get a little help from a pro? Learn to sing with Stephen Horst's proven Tap Into Your Artistry (TIYA) method which is like going to the gym for your vocal cords. Explore your full range with simple, safe exercises that will condition your voice immediately by locking in muscle memory and give you an awareness and foundation to continue teach yourself! Your voice is 2 instruments in 1, like playing a violin and clarinet at the same time, a "violin-et." The TIYA method teaches you coordination of wind/string, along with proper posture, breath management, vocal cord adduction, mask resonance, agility, and so much more you'll be rocking out pop hits at karaoke and belting out Broadway showtunes in your shower in no time.
    Private Voice Lesson

    161 W 80th St, New York

    • Explore the craft of singing with the extremely efficient TIYA method
    • Tap into your musical side and kill it at karaoke night
    • Practice simple, safe, daily exercises designed to condition your voice including: proper posture, breath management, vocal cord adduction and much more
    • Enjoy studying in a friendly, custom tailored, supportive, and creative environment with a master vocal technician and trainer
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