Intro to Tricks

What to expect
  • Learn pole dancing tricks and combos in a friendly, supportive environment
  • Hone your skills in a fun, sexy workout that'll get your heart pumping
  • Practice proper formation with the guidance of experienced instructors
  • Try a new kind of exercise that combines strength training, dance, and the art of seduction
Are you tired of treadmills? Sick of squats? Unenthusiastic about the elliptical machine? What's missing? These exercise techniques will get the job done, but they're just so... unsexy. Is that a word? What, exactly, is sensuous about a stairmaster? Nothing, if you think about it.

Why not hop on a pole instead?

Join The Flatbush Loft for a comprehensive intro to pole dancing tricks that'll tone your body and make you glow like the sexy Goddess you are. Learn combos thrilling enough to impress anybody and seduce the object of your desire, whenever the moment strikes. Only you can decide when and where to deploy your training, but we'll merely offer, as a reminder, that subway cars have poles and opportunity can strike at literally any moment.
Key Highlights
Price $15.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
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