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    Singing: Freeing the Singer's Voice

    Singing like Elton John requires a lot of time and patience. Because of this, The Linklater Center has created a workshop to start you on your way! Freeing the Singer's Voice is designed to help any level singer sing more expressively and aims to loosen and control your vocal chords, ensuring a full range of depth while singing. The workshop begins with exercises to develop resonance and loosen your throat, tongue, and jaw. Once loosened up, you'll begin range-building triads and arpeggios to stay loose. The final portion of the workshop consists of singing - harnessing your range and holding the depth and meaning behind your voice, as you express yourself via song. With this newfound control of voice, you'll be sure to rock your next shower jam session!
    Singing: Freeing the Singer's Voice

    244 W 54th St, New York

    • Discover how to sing more expressively as you sing alongside an accompanist
    • Learn exercises to loosen your vocal chords, throat, tongue and jaw
    • Develop resonance that opens up three to four octaves of vocal range
    • No experience necessary
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