Sake Tasting

What to expect
  • Learn about the taste and history of various sakes
  • Mingle and enjoy the company of sake enthusiasts and curious tasters
  • Discover new subtleties of sake and perhaps a few favorites
If you're a sake enthusiast, connoisseur of alcohol, or even looking to try a new beverage, the Sake Tasting Club meets every month to learn about a new sake, meet some sake fans, and enjoy a delicious tasting. Sake dates all the way back to Japan's first written history -- likely appearing as something like "magic rice water" or "makes one see double," probably. Today, as one of the underappreciated beverages in the United States, enthusiasts gather to share their love and knowledge for this tasty Japanese liquor.
Key Highlights
Price $39.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
Sake Samurai and Nihonshu expert Timothy Sullivan
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