Intro to Wu Mei Kung Fu

What to expect
  • Learn the foundation of Kung Fu, including its philosophy, forms, applications, and weapons
  • Undergo rigorous physical and mental training to improve your body and discipline
  • No experience necessary
Everybody was Kung Fu fighting... Wu Mei Kung Fu originated as a Chinese martial art during the Ming Dynasty. During that period, Kung Fu was used as part self-defense, part hunting techniques, and part military training. You could essentially fight a Mongol and a boar with these tactics. In this combative and philosophical martial art, you'll undergo rigorous training, using kicks and punches, with a disciplined mental approach. Build a strong mind and strong body to take on any opponent. Round 1... fight!

Note: Each day covers a different topic:
  • Sunday -- Weapons
  • Monday -- Applications
  • Tuesday -- Chi Kung
Key Highlights
Price $25.00 per guest
Duration / Session 90 min
# Sessions 1
Sifu Ken Lo is the founding Director of the Wu Mei Kung Fu Association and is the highest authority of Wu Mei Kung Fu worldwide. Sifu Lo is recognized by the Chinese government as an authentic traditional Chinese Martial arts master.
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