Afro-Carribean Movement: General Technique

What to expect
  • Develop your motor control during an isolations class based on Afro-Latin funk
  • Build your sense of rhythm and musicality in a manner applicable to all styles of dance
  • Get a full body workout in a fun and supportive dance environment
  • Enjoy a practice designed to induce a meditative calm and reduce stress
Things are about to get funky!

Afro-Caribbean Movement and Isolations is a class designed to improve your motor control while engaged in techniques derived from Afro-Latin Funk. During this class, you'll work under the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor, conditioning your body by the muscle group, while learning to get your limbs to respond to music the way you think they do in your head.

You'll begin with some light stretching, before being led through a variety of exercises set to African beats. With consistent practice in this discipline, you'll not only improve your overall athletic ability and health, but develop a sense of rhythm and artistry applicable to all styles of dance. Plus, you'll find that this class works to create a meditative environment built around pure movement, the result of which is to engender a sense of positive wellbeing and improved concentration.

Ok, you might smell a little bit funky after this class, too!
Key Highlights
Price $90.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 4
Rating 3 positive reviews
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