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    The Dinner Detective

    Colonel Mustard, in the billiards room, with the revolver? Come experience the largest Interactive murder mystery comedy dinner show in the United States! During this show, voted Best Dinner Show in Los Angeles and Denver for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, you will become part of a cast of professional actors and guests like yourself trying to solve a murder case that took place that very night. The catch? You don't get to know who is who. Is that friendly family from Wyoming really a group of improv actors there to lead you astray, or are they on your side trying to catch the killer? Did the butler really do it? Become part of intriguing scenarios, challenging mysteries and true-to-life dialogue from the moment you walk through the doors to ensure a night you'll never forget! Oh, and don't forget about your included chicken, fish, or vegetarian dinner! Yum! Note: This show includes dinner. Please specify either chicken, steak, or vegetarian as your dinner choice in the "Special Requests" section when placing your booking. If you are planning on joining a group that has already purchased tickets, please include your party's name in the "Special Requests" box as well.
    The Dinner Detective

    30 Washington St, Somerville

    • Experience the largest Interactive murder mystery comedy dinner show in the United States
    • Try to discern between fellow detectives and professional actors trying to lead you astray
    • Use your cunning and wits to explore intriguing scenarios and successfully solve the crime
    • Transport into another world as you enjoy a delicious chicken, fish, or vegetarian dinner
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    Virtual Reality Gaming

    So you love video games, but have you ever wondered what it'd be like to jump into one of your favorite games? At The Gaming Center, you can try on virtual reality headsets that'll change the world around you in an instant! With business-grade Internet and top-notch gaming computers, you'll be in gamer community heaven! Connect with other gamers and discover new video games that'll quickly make it to the top of your favorites list. From League of Legends to Call of Duty, there'll be a wide range of games to play.
    Virtual Reality Gaming

    396 Watertown St, Newton

    • Use top-notch gaming computers with business-grade Internet at The Gaming Center
    • Try on virtual reality headsets that'll change the world around you in an instant
    • Discover new video games or play age-old favorites
    • Meet the local gamers and connect with other passionate gamers
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    Friday Night All Ages Skating

    No matter your age or skill level, you're invited to come down to Chez-Vous for some Friday night roller skate fun! For over 80 years, the Roller Rink has been providing fun and entertainment to people from all over Massachusetts. Equipped with a top-notch skating rink, bouncy houses, a full service snack bar, an arcade, and billiard tables, Chez-Vous guarantees a good time for all! So what're you waiting for? The night is young, and the weekend has only just begun!
    Friday Night All Ages Skating

    11 Rhoades St, Dorchester

    • Celebrate the weekend with a Friday night roller skate session
    • Take a break from skating to enjoy the bouncy houses, arcade, and billiard tables
    • Chow down on delicious foods from the full service snack bar on site
    • Enjoy good old fashioned fun with family and friends
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    Horseback Riding

    Horseback riding may seem like a majestic activity, but it may not seem that way if you're stumbling around and trying to figure it out without guidance. This lesson will be a great way for you to get acquainted with what it's like to ride a horse. Spend an hour understanding how to properly ride a horse and enjoy the fun of working your way up to feeling comfortable riding on your own. Individualized goals will be kept in mind so that you can make the most of this experience. Come enjoy the experience of horseback riding!
    Horseback Riding

    396 Circuit St, Norwell

    • Take a horseback riding lesson and learn the fundamentals of horseback riding
    • Enjoy the fun of this equestrian activity and experience what it's like to ride a horse
    • Keep your individualized goals in mind to make the most of your training
    • Gain a full understanding of everything that goes into this majestic sport
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    Hermit Woods Winery Tour and Tasting

    In search of that elusive happy place? Making merry just happens to be the speciality of Hermit Woods Winery -- And by making merry, we mean making wine, of course! Hermit Woods Winery was just include in the 2017 Food and Wine Guide by Food and Wine Magazine as of of the "500 best wineries in America”. Get to know this award-winning winery during a thirty minute tour of the facilities. Hermit Woods Winery specializes in old world techniques and uses locally-sourced and foraged fruits, honey, and flowers. You'll discover the care they put into their product for yourself with a taste straight from the barrel. You'll also receive a tour button and a tasting glass to commemorate your experience. Free schwag. How's that for a reason to smile?
    Hermit Woods Winery Tour and Tasting

    72 2 Main St, Meredith

    • Discover a private boutique winery that specializes in artisanal wines
    • Learn about old world winemaking techniques during the facility tour
    • Sample wine in the tasting room and take a trip down to the cellars for a barrel tasting
    • Treat yourself to an eyeopening and educational experience
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    Trivia Night

    Calling all bookworms, eggheads, and geeks! Cape Ann Brewing Company's got a Trivia Night that is right up your alley. Come out with your friends and enjoy a pint or two while competing against other teams. You'll vie to win first place, and who knows -- you might just know that one random fact to carry your team to victory. You'll also be able to sample some of Cape Ann's own finest brews, so you can drink while you think! So read up, spend some time cruising Wikipedia or Sporcle, and get your keister down to Cape Ann Brewing Company. Your team needs you.
    Trivia Night

    11 Rogers St, Gloucester

    • Compete against other teams and try to win great prizes
    • Choose from any one of Cape Ann Brewing Company's delicious selections
    • Spend quality time with your friends or family
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    7 positive reviews

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