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    Virtual Reality Gaming

    So you love video games, but have you ever wondered what it'd be like to jump into one of your favorite games? At The Gaming Center, you can try on virtual reality headsets that'll change the world around you in an instant! With business-grade Internet and top-notch gaming computers, you'll be in gamer community heaven! Connect with other gamers and discover new video games that'll quickly make it to the top of your favorites list. From League of Legends to Call of Duty, there'll be a wide range of games to play.
    Virtual Reality Gaming

    396 Watertown St, Newton

    • Use top-notch gaming computers with business-grade Internet at The Gaming Center
    • Try on virtual reality headsets that'll change the world around you in an instant
    • Discover new video games or play age-old favorites
    • Meet the local gamers and connect with other passionate gamers
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    West African Drumming

    Come and explore the powerful energy and infectious spirit of West African culture and spirituality, rooted in their sounds and drums. Learn to create music and rhythms using your bare hands and the versatile methods of West African drums. Along with sounds, you'll embrace West African customs in this communal and collaborative effort. From learning these culturally historic and legendary drumming techniques, bring a positive change to your life. As the sounds come together, bounce and sway your body to the West African sounds, and feel the positive energy engulf your body. Enjoy yourself in this introductory class and come together with others from different cultures during this harmonic and spiritual musical-journey.
    West African Drumming

    550 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

    • Gain an introductory foundation to West African drumming
    • Explore West African spirituality and culture
    • Interact in a spirit of harmony and community
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    African Drum Class (Old Harvard Library)

    Learn the art of playing the djembe, a skin covered drum you beat with your bare hands! The djembe can produce a wide variety of sounds, making it extremely versatile. This class will help you to develop the skills necessary to play desired sounds on this unique and authentic African drum. After learning djembe basics and the fascinating history of the instrument from a renowned master, you'll be encouraged to try it yourself! Practice creating varying tempos, patterns, and rhythms with this cultural and spiritual experience. Playing the djembe is about much more than creating music; as a skilled player, you'll be able to tell stories and convey emotions through the instrument as well!
    African Drum Class (Old Harvard Library)

    7 Fairbank St, Harvard

    • Begin to understand how to play the djembe with an interactive class led by an expert
    • Learn the interesting history behind this African drum as you experience playing it
    • Develop a sense of how to create proper tones and varying tempos with your instrument
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