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    Drunk Shakespeare - Stage-Side Seats

    Performing a full Shakespeare play is hard. Performing a Shakespeare play while wasted is just as hard, however, so much more entertaining! Sit back and watch as 1 person from this talented team of actors take at least 5 shots of whiskey, then try to act out, let alone remember, one of The Bard's master works. The result is exciting, hilarious, passionate, and totally unpredictable. Like Macbeth said, Drink, sir, is a great provoker -- and provoke they will! Prepare to be wildly entertained by professional drinkers with a serious Shakespeare problem.
    Drunk Shakespeare - Stage-Side Seats

    182 N Wabash Ave, Chicago

    • Experience the intoxicating thrill of live theater with Drunk Shakespeare
    • Watch actors take several shots and then try to perform a Shakespeare play
    • Laugh at liquor-inspired interpretations of classic characters
    • Indulge in libations of your own as you watch the performance inside a hidden Speakeasy
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    Become a Detective

    Uncover the facts about anyone: your ex's hidden assets, a new client's history, your lover's secret past. Obtain all of this quickly and legally. With Discovery Center, you'll explore where professionals find information and obtain sources that work. Gain insight on what can and can't be done in the field of private investigation -- there are more rules than you think. As you master these tactful skills, learn to track, locate, pretext, and target any individual. Uncover the ways of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes to solve all of your own mysteries. Caution: be careful what you might find...
    Become a Detective

    4318 N Elston Ave, Chicago

    • See how professional private investigators obtain information, discovering sources that work
    • Learn how to track, locate, pretext, and target any individual
    • Uncover process serving and mystery shopping
    • Get the facts about anyone quickly and legally
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