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    Indy-Car Practice

    Do you have a serious need for speed? Get into the fast lane with the Mario Andretti Racing Experience! If you want to know what it feels like to be a real-life racecar driver then you are in the right place. You will hop into a full sized, indy-style racing car and get taught the basics before heading out onto the track. You'll meet with the crew chief and then take a five-minute spin on the track at breakneck speeds. Get your need for speed with the Mario Andretti Racing Experience.
    Indy-Car Practice

    1 Ralph Sanchez Speedway Boulevard, Homestead

    • Get ready for a 3-hour experience that will blow you away
    • Drive a full size, Indy-style racecar that's similar to the ones Mario Andretti drove in his amazing racing career
    • Get a taste for racing in a 5-minute simulated race
    • Buckle up for an incredible adventure
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    Classic Convertible Miami Beach Tour

    Indulge your craving for classic cars as you check out Miami Beach from an open-top mid-20th century convertible! If you love classic cars and people-watching, you'll love this joy ride. Along the way, you'll check out over thirty popular sites, including landmark hotels, cultural points of interest, and Ocean Drive. Check out the Botanical Gardens and the glistening beaches as you explore in style, the envy of all around you. You came to Miami to live like a star, so you might as well roll like one too!
    Classic Convertible Miami Beach Tour

    100 21st St , Miami Beach

    • On board a beautiful classic car, discover Miami Beach from the 50's
    • Passerby will look at you, admire you, you are the star for the day
    • This original City Tour will lead you all across Miami Beach
    • A photo souvenir in tow, you too will have your postcard!
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    Hsing-I is a Chinese martial art form with great power. It focuses on the 5 elements and connects the spirit with energy. You will learn to use your bare hands strike others quickly. There is no time to slow down or analyze as this form emphasizes direct, straight line movement. Your form will be strong and precise as you learn the moves necessary to combine attack with defense. The class will help you release and hold energy the right way. Discover the power of the Hsing-I martial art.

    1970 NE 153rd St, Miami

    • Learn the powerful Hsing-I form of martial arts
    • Discover the direct, aggressive footwork and strikes
    • Improve your strength and confidence
    • No experience is necessary
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