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    Winery Tour and Tasting

    Any sophisticated connoisseur will tell you that the best vintage of wine is the free one. Treat yourself to some complimentary sniffs and sips, and discover a few new favorites in the process during this intoxicating tasting event! Choose up to six delicious samples selected from an eclectic lineup of dries, sweets, reds, and whites, and send your senses into low orbit! Learn about the wines produced by Canadian River Vineyards & Winery from a knowledgeable staff member, and brush elbows with fellow wine lovers. Lounge on the deck, and take in the staggering beauty of the Oklahoma countryside around you. Purchase snacks on site, or bring your own picnic and make a big too-do out of it! Free wine? Hey, wait a minute. We'll be right back.
    Winery Tour and Tasting

    7050 Slaughterville Rd, Lexington

    • Treat yourself to a complimentary wine-tasting event
    • Sample six wines self-selected from a broad lineup
    • Learn about the philosophy and wines offered by Canadian River
    • Relax on a spacious deck, purchase snacks, or bring a picnic
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