Space Coast Extended Biplane Tour

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What to expect
  • Take an extended biplane adventure as you choose to fly over the Kennedy Space Center, Patrick Air Force Base, or St. John's River
  • Learn about the mechanics of flying as a skilled pilot demonstrates taxiing, taking off, and landing
  • Enjoy a narrated experience with a flying helmet equipped with a radio headset provided by the tour
  • Experience the thrill of riding in a small, open-air plane during a low altitude flight that will expose you to incredible, bird's-eye views of Florida's scenery
Newton taught us that what goes up must come down. But thanks to this extended aerial romp, you'll be able to put off that inevitable for just a little bit... which is good news, since you'll be flying in a classic-looking, open-air biplane! While you sit as a passenger, you'll enjoy the memorable views of a 30-mile flight over a destination of your choosing from three of Florida's most incredible landmarks. Your friendly pilot will also explain every step of flying from the runway to up in the air and back. The open-air cockpit of this biplane comfortably seats up to two adults, so you can spread out and fly solo or bring a lucky partner with you. Plus, the passenger cockpit is in in front of the pilot's seat, which means you'll enjoy clear, uninterrupted views of the entire experience.

Take that, gravity!

Note: There is a maximum of two passengers per flight. The maximum combined weight of the passengers cannot exceed 500 pounds. You will be able to choose from three different tours. The first features the Kennedy Space Center, where you will circle the comple while checking out the runway, launch pads, and Atlantis Shuttle display. The second option features an extended beach and port option and will include a low pass down the runway at Patrick Air Force Base. The third option flies you over St. John's River and Lake Poinsette.
Key Highlights
Price $340.00 per guest
Duration / Session 35 min
# Sessions 1
No charge on cancellations made at least 24 hours before event. Cancellations made under 24 hours will be charged a $50 fee, and those cancelled the same day may be charged the full amount.

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