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    Balloon Ride (Weekday)

    Orlando Balloon Rides
    Take off not long after sunrise, and enjoy a scenic hot-air balloon ride over Central Florida. From your bird's-eye view, you'll be able to take in the city of Orlando with its beautiful resorts, natural preserves, and even Walt Disney World. You'll find yourself at heights of up to 3,000 feet, or so low to ground that you'll feel like you can almost reach out and touch the trees. Since hot air balloons work by making the balloon lighter than the air around it, you'll float gently with the wind without the jerking movements of turbulence, making for a cathartic, tranquil experience. When you finally touch land again, you'll be treated to a champagne toast and a complimentary breakfast buffet to celebrate your trip. This is a morning wake-up call you'll never forget.
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    Space Coast Extended Biplane Tour

    Florida Air Tours
    Newton taught us that what goes up must come down. But thanks to this extended aerial romp, you'll be able to put off that inevitable for just a little bit... which is good news, since you'll be flying in a classic-looking, open-air biplane! While you sit as a passenger, you'll enjoy the memorable views of a 30-mile flight over a destination of your choosing from three of Florida's most incredible landmarks. Your friendly pilot will also explain every step of flying from the runway to up in the air and back. The open-air cockpit of this biplane comfortably seats up to two adults, so you can spread out and fly solo or bring a lucky partner with you. Plus, the passenger cockpit is in in front of the pilot's seat, which means you'll enjoy clear, uninterrupted views of the entire experience. Take that, gravity!
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