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    Tae Kwon Do

    Let's face it: being hunted by ninja warriors is nobody's idea of picnic. Get the jump on these bothersome shadow warriors by learning the self-defense style of taekwondo. Taekwondo is a Korean form of martial arts that focuses primarily on striking. You'll be mastering and internalizing the fundamental skills of this style through energetic drills designed to build your form, strength, and stamina. You'll also get plenty of sparring to develop practical ability, and learn kata to achieve mental focus and control. In addition to learning a well-respected and effective self-defense style, you'll be gaining the discipline and confidence to achieve your goals outside of the dojo. Really, being able to defend yourself against ninjas is just a bonus.
    Tae Kwon Do

    5630 Hansel Ave, Orlando

    • Learn a martial arts and self-defence style built on tradition and effective techniques
    • Develop your core strength and motor control as you drill kicks, punches, and kata
    • Build the reflexes you'll need in a real fight with heart-pounding live sparring sessions
    • Develop the self-assurance and discipline that come naturally from martial arts practice
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