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    Michael Jackson Dance Style

    Do you dream of copying Michael Jackson's dance style? Do you wish you could master (or y'know, do) the Moonwalk and impress your friends? Here is your chance to study the moves of the icon from professionals. You'll learn the technical aspects like the isolations and lightning fast moves and pick up on the subtle style differences that made his moves stand out. As you figure out his choreography, you may want to bring your own hat and glittery glove. Get the chance to study the dance moves of a true icon.
    Michael Jackson Dance Style

    1951 W Carson St, Torrance

    • Study the basics of Michael Jackson's dance style
    • Find out how to combine styling, sequence, and choreography
    • Discover more about this dance and music icon
    • Make your Moonwalk memorable
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    Sexy Floor & Chair Moves

    Looking to spice up your dance routine? This class will teach you the fundamental elements of creating a sexy striptease with sensual chair and floor moves. Nothing says sexy like turning a chair into your own personal plaything. You'll also be working on floor moves, learning all of the signature kicks and rolls of a professional striptease artist. Throughout the session, you'll be dancing to different styles of music, so you develop your sense of rhythm and learn to adapt to varying beats. A fun, engaging environment will encourage you to explore your sensuality. You've got the sultry look, now find the moves to match.
    Sexy Floor & Chair Moves

    22221 Avalon Blvd, Carson

    • Learn a stiptease routine based on chair and floor moves
    • Develop flexibility, strength, and coordination as you execute a sensual dance to a variety of music
    • Work out in a fun, engaging, and supportive environment
    • Let go of your inhibitions and develop self-confidence expressing your sensual side
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    Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest and most widely practiced Indian classical dance forms. It is a celebration of dance and music that unites the body, mind and soul. Come celebrate this artform while you simultaneously get a fun, full body workout! This class includes a quick, yoga-based warm up, followed by an introduction to Nritta, or 'pure dance', and Abhinaya, or 'expression.' Explore various techniques regarding rhythm and music for Bharatanatyam and learn how to achieve the sculpturesque poses of the most graceful and pure professional dancers as you improve your flexibility, endurance, and muscle tone. Who says ab day can't be fun!

    1570 W. 35th St, Los Angeles

    • Learn the basic steps and poses of Bharatanatyam, a popular and classical Indian dance
    • Discover the fascinating history and ideals behind this ancient tradition
    • Practice moves that will improve your flexibility and increase your stamina
    • Unify your mind and body through this beautiful art form
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