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    Flexibility & Floor Work (All Levels)

    It’s no stretch to say that this class will move your workout routine in new directions. Splits tend to do that. Dance-based flexibility takes center stage during this all-levels class. It all begins with a warm-up, followed by deep stretches and movement exercises designed to help you find more elegant lines in your dance routine. In addition to an all new range of motion, you’ll build killer abs and the booty to match. Taught by a pole dance extraordinaire, this class will also help you embrace your sensual side and build confidence. And let’s face it, flexibility has a few other perks outside of your dancing career. For example, reaching things on tall shelves.
    Flexibility & Floor Work (All Levels)

    11638 Ventura Blvd, Studio City

    • Elongate your range of motion during a dance-based flexibility class
    • Enjoy deep, relaxing stretches based on freeform movement
    • Build your body tone and enhance your strength and stamina
    • Develop confidence as a performer with increased athleticism
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