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    Beginner Ballet

    Did you always regret never taking dance classes as a child, or quitting them before you actually had a chance to develop any real skill? It's never too late to start over! During this beginner's ballet class, you will elegantly step and twirl towards an understanding of fundamental ballet techniques, as you learn basic footwork while training your body to cooperate. Gain the flexibility and core strength you will need to execute even the most intense ballet positions. Train, practice, and get in the best shape of your life -- and actually have fun while doing so!
    Beginner Ballet

    4100 Salzedo St, Coral Gables

    • Familiarize yourself with the basic techniques of the graceful art of ballet
    • Learn to express yourself through the skilled footwork of a beautiful and timeless dance
    • Step and plié your way to a more toned, flexible, and strong body
    • Get in great shape while building up your confidence and having a great workout
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    Level 1 Kizomba

    Kizomba is an Angolan word that literally means "party" and takes its origin from the Angolan dance, Semba, which is also the origin of the Brazilian Samba. Kizomba just turned 30 years old and is spreading rapidly due to the sensuality and passion of its movements and choreography. Immerse yourself in the Afro-Caribbean culture and experience something new, refreshing, and romantic. Let your body feel the rhythm and connect with the beat in this safe and welcoming setting. This beginners' class will show you to use your body language to connect with others and the music.
    Level 1 Kizomba

    4343 S State Rd 7 , Davie

    • Learn a new type of dance that combines sensuality, connection and smoothness
    • Listen to the rhythm of Kizomba and let it take over your body
    • Enjoy a romantic dance style that doubles as a refreshing workout
    • Bring your sense of adventure and indulge in some funky fun
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