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    Pop Star Dance Fitness

    Getting drenched in sweat usually isn't the best way to channel your inner diva, but this is one fitness dance class might just prove the exception. That's because you'll be busting your booty to some of the best of pop star choreography, getting a great workout and having a great time at the same time. Each class focuses on a specific pop star and music video, and over the course of the class you'll master the moves featured in the video while dancing to high energy beats. In the process, you'll get a great aerobic workout, improve your stamina, flexibility, and motor coordination, and tone your body. You'll also find in Banana Skirt Productions' studio a supportive, collaborative fitness studio where you can let loose and be yourself. Yourself being Beyonce, of course.
    Pop Star Dance Fitness

    500/519 8th Ave, New York

    • Join an innovative dance fitness class for a workout based on pop star choreography
    • Tone your body and improve your strength and stamina while dancing
    • Learn some hip new dance moves to break out in the club later on
    • Have a fun time and build your confidence in a high-energy, supportive studio
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    Pop Song Dance Class

    The world is your runway and it is time to *strut* *your* *stuff*. Unleash your inner dancer in this fun-filled class set to the music of some of today's biggest stars. Britney? Taylor Swift? Rihanna? Justin Bieber? Madonna? Yes. Please. Not only will you dance to the best songs on the charts, but you will also strengthen your body and releasing stress. Learn custom choreography with killer moves that will utilize all of your sass and flair, and also tone your muscles, improve your flexibility, and increase your agility. This class turns workout into #werkit.
    Pop Song Dance Class

    151 W 26th St, New York City

    • Boogie along to some of the hottest songsof today in this crazily fun dance class
    • Learn incredible dance moves from the studio's fiercest instructors
    • Get down with your bad self, strengthen your muscles, and build your confidence
    • Put together some killer dance moves to pull out at your next party!
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    LEVEL 1: Lap Dance

    Looking to liven up your love life? Embrace the fundamentals of one of stripperdom's greatest hits: the lap dance! Work under the guidance of a professional dancer, mastering provocative moves incorporated into a slow, sultry routine. Get your heart pounding in the process as you enjoy a workout that will leave you completely worked up. Indulge your sexy side, break down your inhibitions, build your confidence, and discover a new you. Don't you love it when great opportunities just fall into your lap?
    LEVEL 1: Lap Dance

    520 8th Ave, New York

    • Learn the art of the lap dance during an introductory class
    • Work under the tutelage of a professional dancer
    • Get a great workout and enhance your musicality
    • Build your confidence in a supportive dance environment
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    12 positive reviews

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