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    Pop Star Dance Fitness

    Getting drenched in sweat usually isn't the best way to channel your inner diva, but this is one fitness dance class might just prove the exception. That's because you'll be busting your booty to some of the best of pop star choreography, getting a great workout and having a great time at the same time. Each class focuses on a specific pop star and music video, and over the course of the class you'll master the moves featured in the video while dancing to high energy beats. In the process, you'll get a great aerobic workout, improve your stamina, flexibility, and motor coordination, and tone your body. You'll also find in Banana Skirt Productions' studio a supportive, collaborative fitness studio where you can let loose and be yourself. Yourself being Beyonce, of course.
    Pop Star Dance Fitness

    500/519 8th Ave, New York

    • Join an innovative dance fitness class for a workout based on pop star choreography
    • Tone your body and improve your strength and stamina while dancing
    • Learn some hip new dance moves to break out in the club later on
    • Have a fun time and build your confidence in a high-energy, supportive studio
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    Qoya - Sensual Dance

    Quick Quiz: Who does your body belong to? We hope you answered Me. And by Me we mean, you, the strong, beautiful woman we're talking to. Take control of your body and your body's movements, with this empowering class from Sacred. Qoya represents a shift in consciousness through movement that evolves the way women are typically taught to use their bodies. Drawn from the wisdom of yoga, the creative expression of dance, and the sensual pleasures of movement, Qoya helps women enjoy and revel in their feminine bodies. With this unique approach that is feminine, expressive, and fun, you'll get in great shape, building strength, agility, flexibility, and muscle-tone. But this is more than a workout for your body -- it's strength for your soul.
    Qoya - Sensual Dance

    197 Clifton Pl, Brooklyn

    • Learn to move your body in a sensual, empowering, and creative way
    • Use the collected wisdom of yoga and dancing to empower yourself
    • Combine traditional benefits of fitness with a big boost in self-worth
    • Make new friends in a warm and welcoming environment
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