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    Beginner Hip-Hop

    Develop your swagger and get an amazing workout as you explore the fundamentals of hip-hop! Perfect for beginners, this class is focused on the basic foundations and styles of the hip-hop movement. Follow along as your professional instructor demonstrates essential techniques and helps you unlock your inner rhythm. Pop, lock, and drop it as you practice new moves and learn how to connect each movement to the beat of the music. Before long, your confidence will be soaring and your moves will be flowing like Kanye's rhymes.
    Beginner Hip-Hop

    8001 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle

    • Learn the foundations of hip hop dancing in a beginners' class environment
    • Practice proper footwork and move to the beat
    • Develop your rhythm and tone your body through isolated movements
    • No experience necessary
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    4 positive reviews
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    Beginner Hip Hop

    Perfect for the hip hop beginner, this class is focused on the basic foundations and styles of the hip hop movement with an emphasis on hip hop swagger. Follow along as a professional instructor takes you through each move and coaxes out your inner rhythm. You'll start off with a warm-up to get your muscles loose and your energy up. Then move on to footwork as you practice the steps that will serve as your building blocks for more complex moves. By the end, you'll be working your way through a routine of swagger-infused choreography set to a fresh hip hop mix.
    Beginner Hip Hop

    2000 S Jackson St, Seattle

    • Learn the foundations of hip hop dancing from a professional instructor
    • Practice the proper footwork to master new moves
    • Hone your hip hop swagger
    • Experience an environment where all skill levels are welcome
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    3 positive reviews
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    Dance Powered

    Dance Powered is a hard-hitting top 40 and hip hop dance workout that will leave you exhilarated and sweating hard. Each class features fun, dynamic dance fitness choreography set to radio hits you love to move to. All levels are welcome and encouraged to move at their own pace – you’ll learn more each time you come. Drop in and join the fun!
    Dance Powered

    6108 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle

    • Get your whole body moving in this high-energy dance class
    • All skill and fitness levels welcome - anyone can learn more from the experience
    • Feel empowered in a fitness class meant for your inner badass
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    6 positive reviews
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    Gypsy Dance

    Get your body moving in an exciting, energetic new way! In this class focused on Gypsy dance, a professional instructor will help guide you through basic steps, character, and skirt work as you explore the dance moves of another culture. Learn to move your skirt as an extension your body, and practice footwork that will serve as your foundation for more advanced movements. And since this is a beginners' class, you'll get to have fun learning at the same basic level as all your classmates. With each step, you'll broaden your knowledge and appreciation of a different culture- and learn some great new steps that you can take to the dance floor!
    Gypsy Dance

    ArtSci studio , Bellevue

    • Explore the fundamentals of Gypsy dance as you work your body
    • Practice basic movements and skirt work
    • Enjoy a class created specifically for beginners
    • Have fun while expanding your dance skills
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