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    Aikido Basics

    HIYA! Begin to learn the fundamentals of aikido, a martial art that includes the art of ukemi, basic footwork, how to attack using your whole body strength, and basic rolling and falling to ensure safety. Learn how to effortlessly bring down anyone with only three ounces of pressure. Training with forms and techniques are necessary for the practice, however the goal of Aikido is for you to work dynamically with a partner to discover the internal feeling that is Aiki. Therefore, practice is non-competitive and a cooperative feeling is cultivated during training. Through practicing proper centering and breath control, you will experience a type of internal power, or ki, that you never thought would be possible!
    Aikido Basics

    34 Allen St, Somerville

    • Learn and understand the fundamentals of Aikido during this beginners class
    • Practice a series of footwork and attacks to build power and basic rolling skills to ensure safety
    • Work non-competitively with a partner to cultivate a sense of cooperation
    • Develop a greater type of internal power than you ever thought possible
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    Krav Maga Yashir Free Trial Class

    Looking to give Krav Maga a try? This trial class will introduce you to authentic Krav Maga direct from Israel. You will learn effective and proven techniques that have been tried and tested by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) for over 50 years, in one of the most violent environments on the planet. In this class you will be taught how to maintain balance and stability when moving, along with how to perform effective defenses against a variety of armed and unarmed attacks, including those involving multiple assailants. Not only will you be taught simple, proven techniques for dealing with violent assaults but also how to make effective decisions when under emotional duress along with ways to develop a combative mindset when dealing with violence.
    Krav Maga Yashir Free Trial Class

    200 Terminal St, Charlestown

    • Get acquainted with the self-defense system of Krav Maga and learn authentic Krav Maga direct from Israel
    • Understand how real-life violent situations occur, and how to identify, predict and avoid them, as well as simple direct physical solutions
    • Learn to use the body's natural reflexes,and responses to deal with all types of armed and unarmed assaults
    • Learn to defend yourself in any situation: when standing, when seated, when unprepared etc.
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